All SF products are handmade at Simona Frigerio's atelier.

The materials used are 100% natural , non-toxic and lead-free.

Ceramics love the environment.


Necklaces large in shape and very light in weight: they are emptied one by one to guarantee maximum lightness.

Baby Elephant Sculpture

Baby Elephant Sculpture with The Flower of Wishes, handmade in ceramic, ivory white in colour, blue hair and ivory and cherry colored spotted trunk.

A collectible anthropomorphic sculpture for collectors and art lovers.

"A blue-haired creature wraps its hands around the Wishing Flower. Just touch the petals and it immediately transports you into your dream."

Dimensions of the Elephant Sculpture:

  • Dimensions: 26 x 10 x 12 cm

Shipping in 2 - 5 working days