All SF products are handmade at Simona Frigerio's atelier.

The materials used are 100% natural , non-toxic and lead-free.

Ceramics love the environment.


Necklaces large in shape and very light in weight: they are emptied one by one to guarantee maximum lightness.

Cherry necklace

The Cherry Necklace is an exquisite necklace of red beads handmade in ceramic, with high quality materials. The simple and refined design is embellished with an Archebead, an elegant and original brass element.

Delicious and refined, with its delicious beads it charges the wearer with determination and energy.

Always perfect and chic with simple outfits with raw organic fabrics.

"A mysterious planet, a fiery meteor, a sprouting seed. The Arche-Pearl is all these things, it is a nucleus that boils with vital energy"

Linen crewneck available in 2 color variations with handmade brass closure.

Dimensions of the Cherry necklace:

  • Weight: 120 g
  • Length: 55 cm
  • Beads size: 2-3 cm

Rope color: NATURAL

Shipping in 2 - 5 working days