All SF products are handmade at Simona Frigerio's atelier.

The materials used are 100% natural , non-toxic and lead-free.

Ceramics love the environment.


Necklaces large in shape and very light in weight: they are emptied one by one to guarantee maximum lightness.

Fish sculpture to hang

The Rare Fish is a hanging sculpture in the shape of a fish. The fish shape is handmade in ceramic, in color shiny yellow with bright green glaze spots.

Characterized by a human eye and a dazzling smile, this underwater creature emerges from the "Fantasculture collection".

The Rare Fish with its elegant design is a decorative object to hang on the walls capable of adding a sophisticated touch to any environment.

Dimensions of the Fish sculpture to hang:

40 x 20 x 7 cm

Shipping in 2 - 5 working days